A Guide To Removing Hot Tub Scale

Hot tubs give you that relaxing vibe whenever you take a dip into it. It gives you that much-needed comfort after a week of stress from work, or simply taking care of the kids. 

Of course, part of the enjoyment is seeing to it that the tub is clean and is in top shape all the time. 

What if you have to deal with the hot tub scale? Here is how you can remove that.

Understanding Hot Tub Scale

There are minerals in water and the amount depends on your water source. Through time, these minerals will build up on your hot tub shell and fixtures. It won’t make you sick, but this has to be addressed right away. 

Otherwise, you will find the buildup leaving the shell or fixture ugly. It can clog the plumbing system, and at the worst, damage bathroom fixtures.

Knowing its Causes

Caring for your bathroom spa will be done best if you understand what actually causes hot tub scaling. One of the culprits is hard water, which contains high amounts of magnesium and calcium. 

These minerals are left behind each time water from the tub evaporates. If you won’t clean the surface right away, then another day’s use of the fixture will mean leaving another level of minerals on it. 

The same is true if your water source has high alkalinity, in which case, lime will be present in the water.

Aside from water source, body oils can also be the reason for hot tub scaling. Other contaminants, like sloughed bits of dry skin, and body hair may also be the reason for this problem. 

Do note that each time you sit on your tub and enjoy that space, there is always something that is left behind that needs cleaning up, if you do not want the spot to suffer from scaling.

Cleaning the Hot Tub

Scales are dirt and pollutants that need to be cleaned. Depending on whether the scaling is mild or heavy, then you will be able to use a simple cleaning process along the way. 

There are specific pool supplies, such as the hot tub scale remover, which can help. You must see to it that there are no cleaning agents left in the water. 

Turn off the hot tub too before cleaning the shell and other easy-to-reach fixtures. Some scaling may fall off to the filter, thus it is necessary to clean that part as well. 

Dealing With Heavy Buildup

The best thing you can do when this happens is to drain the tub first before cleaning it. It is good to keep the water away from the fixture in order to determine how much hot tub scale remover is needed in order to keep the problem away. 

Scrub the tub as well. Flush the drain with a product that can easily take away the scale from the plumbing.

Maintenance Services Will Help Too

If you are unsure of what to do with this problem, what you should do is ask a professional for help. Regular maintenance and services will definitely be the solution to this recurring trouble.

Once you call experts, all other hot tub issues can be solved in just one go.

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