About Specialty Systems for Pools

Do you prefer a specialty system for your pool because you are worried about the effects of chlorine and other harmful chemicals? If so, you may want to try out our ionazation or Baquacil systems. Specially designed for people with skin allergies and those who are worried about harmful chemicals getting on their skin and clothes, we can recommend the best system for your needs when you come to us at AquaVision Pool & Spa.

People whose skin are sensitive to chlorine or who suffer from conditions such as asthma or rosacea that are exacerbated by chlorine may be considering switching to specialty systems. Baquacil is a popular alternative for chlorine when it comes to pool sanitizers. The chemical in Baquacil is known as biguanide or PHMB and works by causing unwanted bacteria to band together in clumps that are not water soluble. This makes it easy for the pool filter to capture them. However, if you make use of a specialty system, this also means that you have to use the oxidizers and algaecides from that brand.

Why Choose Specialty Systems for Pools?

If you are thinking of making the switch to a specialty system, below are some of the benefits:

  • Although there is no such thing as a chlorine allergy, some people are more sensitive to chlorine than others. In addition, the effects of certain skin conditions and asthma can be exacerbated by chlorine. You are less likely to be sensitive to the chemicals in a specialty system.

  • Chlorine levels need to be regulated frequently thanks to the development and presence of chloramines. Chloramines form when chlorine comes into contact with organic substances that contain nitrogen such as sweat. This is, of course, inevitable when humans use a pool. Chloramines are a potential irritant to skin and can cause respiratory distress. As chlorine works to get the chloramines out of the water, chlorine levels drop. That is why chlorine tablets and shockings have to be administered to conventional pools regularly. With a specialty system, you do not face this problem.

  • Chlorine is notorious for degrading in sunlight, which you need to keep a frequent eye on if you have an outdoor pool. However, the biguanide used in Baquacil does not.

Why Work with AquaVision Pool & Spa for Specialty Systems?

Are you looking to get specialty systems for your pool? If so, AquaVision Pool & Spa can recommend the perfect one to suit your needs. With more than 40 years serving clients, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience in the pool and spa industry. To this end, we are able to diagnose any water chemical issues and recommend the best system for your pool based on your unique needs. We take a relaxed approach in serving our customers without compromising on the personal attention and quality products and services you have come for.

Contact us today for more information about our specialty pool systems and water care offerings.