Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Understanding Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Most private swimming pools feature a vinyl liner, which plays a crucial role in pool protection. This type of liner acts as the waterproofing layer between your pool structure and the water. Vinyl liners typically consists of durable materials that are resistant to punctures and tears. If a vinyl pool liner was not installed properly, the liner will not last as long as it is designed to. If you notice holes or tears in your pool liner, it is important to fix it or replace it immediately. At AquaVision Pool & Spa, we can facilitate vinyl pool liner replacement quickly and efficiently without breaking the bank.

While good vinyl pool liners can last between 10 and 20 years, the elements do take its toll on these materials. For example, exposure to UV rays and chlorine can weaken your swimming pool liner and the waterproofing membrane. These issues can leave your pool prone to damage and leaks. At some point, replacing an old pool liner is required.

When do You need Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement?

  • Extensive Fabric Tears

    If a fabric tear is over six inches, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced. This is a good time to contact a pool service company like AquaVision Pool & Spa. Our team can advise on the best solution going forward, e.g., we determine if a complete replacement is necessary.

  • Faded Pool Liners

    Vinyl liners can fade over time due to sun exposure, especially at the waterline. Fading can also be caused by excessive bleach or chlorine in the water. If you have a faded liner, experienced technicians at AquaVision Pool & Spa can inspect the damage and provide the options available for replacements.

  • Pool Liner Leakage

    Did you know that pool liner leaks can reduce longevity and increase your water bill? In some cases, it can be challenging to detect the exact location of the leak. That’s when you should have a professional inspect your pool. Aoid problems such as higher water bills, premature liner replacement and costly repairs.

  • Stained Pool Liners

    If you are dealing with stubborn stains, you need specialized treatments to remove these issues. AquaVision Pool & Spa’s pool liner replacement technicians have specialized gear that can eliminate tough stains without further damaging your pool.

Why Choose AquaVision Pool & Spa for Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement Services?

When you choose AquaVision Pool & Spa for vinyl pool liner replacement solutions, our team recommends the best possible fix and employs a comprehensive installation approach to get each job done. Because we use advanced computer technology to plot our customers’ vinyl liner measurements, we can ensure a proper fit every time. To prevent a potential misfit, our technicians use high-powered vacuum technology to create maximum suction. In addition, we install new flanges and gaskets to prevent leaks after replacement. 

If you have any questions about our vinyl pool liner replacement services, please feel free to contact us today.