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Experiencing An Issue?

At AquaVision Pool & Spa, we can handle any issues with your pool, hot tub or swim spa – swiftly and efficiently. All you have to do is explain your problem to us, preferably with a few photos, and we will dispatch our service technicians to you as soon as possible. After we have carried out an inspection of your pool, we can provide you with the best solution to tackle the problem and get your pool back in working condition again.

With 40+ years of experience in Greensboro and throughout the Triad, our team of pool and spa technicians are more than qualified to help.

Green Water

Have you ever been greeted by the sight of completely green pool water? If so, what is most likely to have happened is a fresh growth of algae. This happens when the chlorine level of the water is allowed to drop below the necessary level that prevents algae growth. If you have skipped testing the water on several occasions, you may not have detected the chlorine level dropping.

Depending on the size and scale of the problem, our technicians are able to fix this by first testing the water, shocking it to kill algae before conducting a thorough cleaning and brushing on all surfaces that contain algae. You will not be able to use the pool until the water has been restored to a clear condition.

Cloudy Water

Instead of crystal clear water, you may have encountered cloudy or foggy water in your pool. The most likely reason for this is because of bacteria build-up. When that happens, we recommend that you bring in a sample of pool water for our experts to conduct testing on. After which, they will be able to tell you whether the problem can be resolved on your own with the use of certain pool chemicals or whether you will require servicing.

No matter what, AquaVision Pool & Spa can restore your water back to a clear condition as well as educate you on proper pool maintenance practices. Cloudy water can occur when regular water testing has not been carried out diligently, amongst many other reasons.

Water Level Dropping

If you notice that the water level of your pool has been going down, this could be because your vinyl liner is leaking. To determine where the leak is occurring, check the piping, pool equipment and liner. There could even be a hole in the floor. To solve the problem temporarily, you can put duct tape over the hole but always call in the professionals immediately after. If there is a tear in your liner, it will need to be patched or replaced. This will largely depend on the age of your liner, where the tear is and how big it is.