Saltwater Pool Pros & Cons – Chlorinated vs. Saltwater

Are you considering having a pool installed somewhere in your yard? When you think of a pool, you likely envision the traditional chlorinated version. However, that’s not the only kind of pool you can have installed.

Most people are familiar with chlorinated pools. Typically, they’re found in residential backyards, at some parks, hotels, condos, apartment complexes, campgrounds, etc. Though chlorine is still contained in a saltwater pool or spa, you don’t specifically add it to the water. 

Actually, the filter system generates it in smaller amounts than your typical chlorinated pool.

Is a saltwater pool just like swimming in the ocean? No. Compared to the ocean, there’s about 10 times less salt in a saltwater pool. Why would someone prefer a saltwater pool? 

Certain individuals find that, compared to a chlorinated pool, a saltwater pool is less harsh on skin, eyes, and hair. In fact, on cruise ships, resorts, and at hotels, these pools are becoming extremely common.

Let’s take a closer look at saltwater pools and how they compare to chlorinated pools in order to better visualize the pros and cons of saltwater.

Chlorinated vs. Saltwater – 5 Things To Have In Mind

saltwater pools vs chlorinated

In both types of pools, the alkalinity and pH levels must be checked so that the chemicals stay balanced, and the pool stays sanitized. On a regular basis, granules or chlorine tablets are physically added to a chlorinated pool. 

To turn salt into chlorine, a saltwater system uses electricity which, coincidentally, also cleans the pool. The filtering system of a saltwater pool is also referred to as a salt chlorine generator.

1. The Effects on a Pool

To check for signs of buildup and erosion, regular checking is absolutely necessary in saltwater pools. Over time, a pool can be harmed by salt content.

Maintaining a consistent level is key to ensuring your pool stays in good condition. This is why it’s so crucial to keep a close eye on salt levels.

2. The Effects on a Person/Swimsuit

Traditional chlorine pools have a pretty harsh effect on certain elements. For instance, when swimming in a chlorinated pool, some people have found that their hair turns green! In a saltwater pool, that won’t happen. 

Additionally, swimsuits get bleached out in chlorinated pools. Not so in saltwater pools.

3. Odor

Some people strongly object to the chlorine smell that emanates from the pools most of us are used to. That same chlorine smell does not come from a saltwater pool. 

You might want to go with a saltwater pool, in fact, if you have problems with chlorine (you either object to the smell or have an allergic reaction to the high chlorine content in most pools).

4. Maintenance

Compared to a traditional pool, it’s far easier to maintain a saltwater pool. A saltwater pool requires less attention and upkeep.

However, remember that weekly, the alkalinity and pH levels must be checked. This is essential!

5. Cost

At first, compared to a chlorinated pool, the cost of a saltwater pool can be higher. The reason for this involves a combination of installation and a saltwater chlorination system.  You’ll also need to factor in the cost of ongoing maintenance for this pool.

However, because you won’t be buying chlorine tablets forever, you’ll save money over time.

Note: If you have allergies or asthma, you may find that swimming in a saltwater pool is healthier than swimming in a chlorinated pool. This is particularly applicable indoors where smells don’t evaporate as quickly.

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