The Importance of a Professional Pool Maintenance Company

The Importance of Professional Swimming Pool Maintenance

If you have a backyard swimming pool, you know how enticing it can be to see that sparkling water shimmering in the sunshine. But maintaining that sparkle requires effort, knowledge of practical chemistry, and attention to detail. Why not leave pool maintenance in the hands of a professional pool maintenance company, while you work on your suntan and catching up on your reading.

Maintenance Requirements of Chlorine Swimming Pools

Chlorine swimming pools have five basic maintenance requirements. Our professionals love to take care of all of these tasks for you, along with some optional extras to help keep your pool clean and healthy. Because of the hot climate in North Carolina, residential pools should be cleaned at least once a week. Commercial pools that receive heavy usage should be cleaned more often.These five basic swimming pool maintenance needs are: 

1. Water balance – Have your pool maintenance professional test your water at least twice a week to determine what products your pool needs. It may need calcium to prevent water corrosion that can damage the body of your pool. Pools also need the right mixture of dissolved salts, such as chlorides, sulfates, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonates, sodium, potassium and small amounts of other substances. 

2. Chlorine – This is necessary to keep bacteria, viruses and other germs from infecting the water in your swimming pool. 

3. Shock – Your pool’s chlorine levels should be between 1 and 4 ppm. On days after a heavy rain or when your pool has seen a lot of usage, these levels can plummet to unsafe levels. Shocking refers to adding a high concentration of chlorine in order to bring the chlorine concentration back up to its proper level. 

4. Algaecide – Algal growth makes the sides of your pool slick and oily. 

5. Skim, brush, and sweep – A skimmer has a net on top to clear debris from the surface of the water. Brush the walls and run the vacuum along the bottom of the pool. 

There are a few optional extras items that a professional pool maintenance company can help with. These include adding a dose of water clarifier, which works with your pool’s filter to trap fine particles in the water.  Scale and metal control can help prevent damage to the filter system.

With regular care, your swimming pool will maintain its healthy sparkle. Let a professional pool maintenance company do the heavy lifting so you can perfect your backstroke.

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