Biofilm In Hot Tub – What Is It & How To Prevent It?

When you dip yourself into a hot tub, you want to rid yourself of all the fatigue you’ve built up over the weekdays.

The last thing you want to see are these slimy things covering the surface of your hot tub after not cleaning it for weeks.

What is Biofilm?

A biofilm is a group of bacteria and other microorganisms that accumulates on a surface that is in regular contact with water. It covers itself with a protective outer layer of slime that is resistant to disinfectants – like chlorine and bromine.

These hot tub slimes turn your clean and transparent water into cloudy water with scum floating around. It forms naturally and thrives in dark, warm water-rich environments.

In What Way Does It Affect Your Hot Tub?

With no essential sanitation, the biofilm will continuously form as long as it’s in a water environment – and what accelerates the forming process are because of organics from humans and products such as soaps, lotion, antiperspirant, and sweat – creating an ideal environment for biofilm to grow.

Eliminating Biofilm from Your Hot Tub

How to Lower Alkalinity in Hot Tub - Stop Biofilm Formation

Just like in pools, biofilm forms in the plumbing system – which eventually spreads to the side and surface of your hot tub. When this happens, make sure to:

  • Shock your water to kill harmful bacteria and weakening the organism
  • Use spa purge products to break apart biofilm, especially the ones that are hidden, and then drain it
  • Scrub the sides and surface of the hot tub to remove any persistent biofilm just in case.
  • Give it a rinse with a hose to wash it off, then drain it to kill off the remaining bacteria

Prevent Formations of Biofilm

Unfortunately, the biofilm will continue to form if you don’t keep your hot tub in check. If you’re the type of person who frequently visits your local swimming pool, you’ll notice there are times when the pool needs to be closed.

This happens because the pool needs to be cleaned after every few months. In some cases, maintenance is involved if there are any damages to the surface or a pool equipment replacement is required – to prevent any further problems from occurring.

After that, the pool is refilled and becomes accessible to visitors again. And this procedure is something you should apply to your hot tub as well when it comes to dealing with biofilm.

You can use regal chemicals on a routine basis to maintain the cleanliness of your hot tub – and kill off any bacteria that will negatively impact your health.

Let Us Do the Dirty Work

We understand that getting rid of biofilm can be a tiresome job and you might not want to clean up those disgusting biofilms yourself.

No worries, we at AquaVision Pool & Spa, with years of experience in the field, will take on that burden and you can rest assured that you’re working with one of the best in town!

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