Is Winterizing Hot Tubs Necessary? Here’s The Answer!

Enjoying a relaxing soak in a hot tub while the snow falls around you is a truly magical and relaxing experience.

But we know how tough it is getting out of that hot tub and into the cold. You might rather wait till the weather is better before using the hot tub.

If you are wondering how to winterize your hot tub, follow the next easy steps for proper hot tub winterizing!

winter hot tub installation - hot tub winterizing

11 Easy Steps to Winterizing Your Hot Tub

  1. Let the chemicals dissipate – Before you drain the water out, you have to let the chemical levels drop first. This is mainly for chlorine and other types of sanitizers that may be toxic to wildlife and plants. Let it be for a few days before testing the water. Once the chemical levels have reached zero, you can begin winterizing the hot tub.
  2. Turn off the breaker – Turn the hot tub off and ensure that there is absolutely no power connected to your hot tub.
  3. Drain the hot tub – Remove the drain cap and then fix the garden hose onto the drain spout. Check that the other end of the hose is at a suitable spot to drain the water. The drainage area has to be able to accommodate roughly 400 gallons of water. Then allow the hot tub to drain.
  4. Drain the blower – Drain the water from the air blower before continuing.
  5. Loosen the unions on the pump and heater – Open the access panel and loosen the unions of the pump and heater.
  6. Remove and clean the filters – Remove the filters and take the chance to get them clean.
  7. Blow out the lines – Leaving water in the plumbing lines can cause them to crack or burst, so make sure they are empty over the winter.
  8. Remove the remaining water
  9. Clean the shell – Use a hot tub cleaner and non-abrasive sponges to clean out the shell. You can use non-toxic products such as baking soda and vinegar to clean.
  10. Clean the cover – It is likely that you clean your hot tub cover when you do regular cleaning, but you have to clean the cover of your hot tub especially thoroughly when you winterize it and keep it closed for many months.
  11. Secure the cover – When the cover is dry, place it over the hot tub and lock it into place if possible.

With that being done, you’ve successfully completed your hot tub winterizing procedure. 

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