Choosing the Ideal Location for Your New Hot Tub

A new hot tub or spa is the perfect focal point for any outdoor living space. You may dream of soaking in your hot tub in the tranquility of your garden or creating a party space on an elevated deck. No matter where you want to locate your hot tub, there are a few key factors that you will need to bear in mind.

If you plan to put your hot tub or spa in a garden or back yard, you will first have to create a flat surface. It is common to use paving stones or cement to construct a platform on which the hot tub can rest. Hot tubs should not be placed directly on grass or dirt surfaces. An elevated surface is ideal as this allows water to drain away from the hot tub, protecting vital components.

A hot tub can be situated on a raised decked area. However, you must ensure that the deck is sufficiently strong to bear the weight of the hot tub when filled with water and people. Your deck must be able to hold at least 125 pounds per square foot. You should consider having your raised deck inspected by a licensed contractor before installing a hot tub if you are unsure of its load-bearing capacity.

It is essential that the area on which you will place your hot tub is flat and even, not situated on a slope. An uneven surface can place strain in the middle of the spa, causing damage over time.

When you are deciding on the best location for your new hot tub, take in to account the view that you will have when you are relaxing in the hot tub and the privacy afforded by surrounding shrubs, trees, or fences. You should also consider how people will access the hot tub. You may need to construct a paved or concrete path to allow for ease of entry.

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