8 Great Health Benefits Of Owning A Hot Tub

Do you know that a hot tub offers so much more than just a soothing dip after a long, hard day at work? For starters, it lets you unwind and relax.

You will be pleased to know that there are more health benefits that you can enjoy!

hot tub health benefits

Potential Health Benefits

There are many potential health benefits that are offered by hot tubs and each benefit differs for every user. The benefits also depend on your current physical and mental health conditions and the way that you use your hot tub. Below are some potential health benefits that you can look forward to when soaking in a hot tub.

Stress Reliever

One of the most apparent health benefits you get from soaking in a hot tub is its potential to relieve stress. The soothing effect of the hot tub’s warm water and the massaging motion may relieve emotional, physical and even mental stress.

To further accentuate the impact of its stress relief, you can listen to soft music and add aromatherapy when soaking in your hot tub.

Muscle Relaxation

The warm water of the hot tub as well as its massaging motion is also effective in relaxing and soothing tight and tense muscles.

This is really helpful in easing pains and aches which is beneficial for those who exercise regularly to reduce the risks of injuries.

Improve Sleep

A hot tub provides simple relaxation which lets you drift into a more peaceful sleep. This means that soaking in a hot tub can directly improve sleep which may even help to treat insomnia in adults.

Pain Relief

Soaking in a hot tub is also a good pain reliever. The warm water and massaging motion may help relax tense joints, muscles and tendons or even help ease the inflammation and stiffness that cause pain.

Water supports the body and takes the weight off the joints which in turn helps to improve flexibility and motion.

Better Heart Health

Soaking in a hot tub can increase your heart rate and reduce your blood pressure. This improves your heart health and reduces risks of cardiovascular ailments.

Research has also found that soaking in a hot tub for 10 minutes is likely safe for most people diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Improved Insulin Sensitivity

Some research has shown that regular thermal therapy like soaking in a hot tub may improve impaired insulin sensitivity. This is beneficial in the management of diabetes. In addition, heat therapy is also known as an effective treatment for obesity.

Calorie Burn

Previous research that involved participants soaked in a waist-high hot tub for over an hour showed that they managed to burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk would. However, this is not to encourage soaking in a hot tub as a replacement of exercise but it is highly beneficial in helping those who have trouble exercising due to medical reasons.

With so many potential health benefits offered by a hot tub, it is much easier for you to make a decision to let you get the most out of your investment.

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