Top Tips For Caring For Your Hot Tub

a woman lifting the cover of her hot tub and checking the water to see if she needs to schedule a hot tub service appointment

What’s one way to make winter a lot more bearable? The answer? Soaking in a steamy hot tub. However, as effectively and efficiently as possible, you also want to keep your hot tub in perfect working order.

We’re going to show you a few timesaving and money-saving tips to make that job a bit easier.

Let’s take a closer look at how to care for your hot tub.

1. Chemical Balance/Sanitation Tips

Let’s look at some cons and pros to assist in making a comparison between the kinds of sanitizers used in hot tubs. The reason for this is that time, money, energy, and water can be saved by maintaining a chemical balance at a proper level.

High bather loads – To remove organic compounds (think sweat, dead skin, body oils), shocking your hot tub can be crucial. This is important because, especially after high bather loads, it helps keep the water clear and clean by removing chloramines and killing bacteria. There are a couple of different kinds of shocks: non chlorine-based and chlorine-based.

Shocking your hot tub – Compared to regular pools, hot tubs frequently experience higher bather loads. Sanitizing products can be rendered less effective by high levels of organic compounds and hot water. Due to this higher bather load compound effect, maintaining a consistent sanitizer level can be difficult in a hot tub – particularly when compared to standard swimming pools.

2. Water Conservation

If not properly maintained, hot tubs will use a lot of water, though still less than regular swimming pools. If you would like to lessen the amount of water your hot tub uses, here are some suggestions:

  • Only when necessary, completely drain and refill the hot tub.
  • Reduce jumping, splashing, etc., as much as possible to reduce water loss.
  • As much as possible, use a floating blanket or your hot tub cover.
  • Leaks should always be fixed as soon as possible.

3. How to Save Energy

A lot of energy use is involved in maintaining some hot tubs. But to decrease your energy use, here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Only when necessary, drain your tub. Chlorine water systems must be drained far more frequently than saltwater systems, FYI.
  • Create a wind barrier or place your tub in a wind free area. To effectively block the wind, consider privacy panels, trees, fences, etc. The reason for this is that less heat will be lost because the surface of water is no longer being blown (and affected) by the wind. To prolong the life of your hardcover and make your spa more energy efficient, consider the use of a floating blanket.

Additionally, utilize an insulating foam cover of high quality. The following practices should be adhered to:

  • Replace your cover ASAP if it is waterlogged, torn, or cracked.
  • To secure the seal, fasten the straps.
  • Assure the cover is tightfitting and snug with the tub’s lip.

Considering a Home Spa?

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