How To Care For Your Hot Tub Over Winter – 7 Tips

In most states, winter is no joke. It can often feel never-ending and many assets get exposed to damaging elements that come with the season.

For owners of a hot tub, you know that being able to take a heated dip in the hot tub during winter is a soothing treat.

If you follow the guidelines below on how to care for your hot tub during winter, your hot tub can continue to run smoothly during the entire season of sleet, snow and ice.

7  Best Tips For Winter Hot Tub Care

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1. Good Insulated Cover

A good insulated cover is necessary to protect the hot tub from weather elements. The cover will help to maintain the water temperature as it prevents heat loss from the surface.

Always ensure that snow and ice that collect at the top of the cover is out in the open. If the accumulated snow is more than 6”, take a broom to sweep it off. Avoid using a shovel as it may rip off the hot tub cover.

2. Thermal Blanket

A thermal blanket rests directly underneath the hot tub cover to provide a layer of protection from the cold.

This will make it easier for the hot tub to retain its temperature which helps to cut down on utility costs and prevents freezing even in extreme temperatures.

3. Maintain Water Temperature

If you are uncertain what the ideal water temperature of a hot tub, it is recommended to keep it between 97 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit during winter.

This is because of the colder temperature outside which causes the hot tub to take a much longer time to heat up. By maintaining the water temperature between this range, you can use your hot tub at any particular time.

4. Clean Water and Filters

Stay close to your cleaning schedule for both the water and filters. This process can help prevent complicated problems that may require complex fixing that incurs hefty costs and consumes a lot of time.

5. Water Levels

Do not let the water levels in your hot tub drop too low. This may cause important components such as the heater and pump to freeze which may cause permanent damage.

Add more water when you notice the water level has dropped and always perform regular checks even when you do not use your hot tub.

6. Frozen Pipes

The pipes in your hot tub are also at risk of freezing during winter. This can be prevented by making sure the freeze protection system is turned on.

Not all hot tubs come equipped with this system but it can still be done by setting the timer to switch on for 15 to 20 minutes every hour. This can help to keep warm water flowing through the pipes regularly.

7. Regular Maintenance

If you intend to close your hot tub this coming winter, make sure to have it professionally winterized.

Improper techniques are the main reason for plumbing lines to freeze and crack which can lead to expensive repairs which are not covered by warranty.

If you intend to use your hot tub during winter, follow the important guidelines we have shared to have a pleasant time.

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