Top Tips For Keeping The Water In Your Hot Tub Clear

Hot tubs conjure up images of relaxing in warm, soothing, and bubbly water. Clean and clear water, however, does not come out of nowhere. To keep it that way, hot tub owners must put in some effort to eliminate cloudiness and maintain the quality of their hot tub water.

To ensure that the hot tub continues to be a comfortable place to relax in, we’ve put together a list of maintenance tips to help keep clear water in your hot tub.

clean hot tub water

1. Invest In a Quality Cover

It is important to cover your hot tub when it’s not in use because leaves, twigs, seeds, and other minute debris may alter the composition of your water.

Eliminating these elements helps to maintain clear water in your hot tub. A hot tub cover not only keeps your water clean, but it also helps you save on maintenance costs in the long run.

A properly fitted hot tub cover can reduce heat loss caused by evaporation and protect it from chemical damage.

2. Take a Shower before Soaking in Your Hot Tub

Dead skin cells, shower gels, cleaning agents, makeup, and moisturizers can wreak havoc on the chemical makeup of the hot tub water.

It is recommended that you wash all of these off with a quick shower. You can also consider wearing a bathing cap to prevent any soap or beauty product from contaminating the hot tub water.

3. Test Your Hot Tub Water

While you don’t need a chemistry degree to operate a hot tub, you will have to perform some simple water checks to confirm that everything is in order.

Inaccurate water chemistry can result in dirty water, itchy skin, and element degradation in your hot tub. Water chemistry tests should be performed at least once a week and more frequently if the hot tub is regularly used by your loved ones.

4. Use the Right Hot Tub Chemicals

Calcium hardness can cause your hot tub water to become cloudy and foamy. Therefore, it is important to balance calcium and magnesium levels in the water. One of the hot tub chemicals you can use is a sequestering agent.

This product is designed to remove heavy metals and excess calcium from your water. The presence of minerals and metals are known to cause hot tub water to turn to unsightly hues such as green, orange, red, and brown.

5. Empty, Clean, and Refill

Even though your water composition is stable each year, emptying the hot tub once every six months, deep cleaning it, and refilling it with fresh water is a smart idea.

This will extend the lifespan of the hot tub’s components while giving you a clean slate in terms of water chemistry. Filtered water should be used to refill your hot tub to ensure that any metals or other contaminants in the public water supply do not affect your overall experience.

6. Filters Should Be Cleaned and Changed Often

When it comes to extracting fine particles from water, water filters do the bulk of the job. It’s important to have those clean and checked so that they can do their job correctly.

Regularly inspect your filters and repair them if they begin to show signs of wear.

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