Why Does Your Hot Tub Need Oxidizers?

When it comes to maintaining the water in a hot tub, there can be a lot of confusion surrounding the numerous essential chemicals to use.

From sanitizers and oxidizers to balancers, you may be wondering what is the exact role of oxidizers in hot tubs. The main purpose of using an oxidizer is to get rid of any unwanted organic material in your hot tub water and allow the sanitizer to do a better job. We share more with you in this article.

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What are Oxidizers?

The term oxidizers is used interchangeably with shock treatment in many cases. That is because many shock treatments contain oxidizing chemicals.

However, it is possible to find shock treatments that do not contain oxidizing chemicals as well as oxidizers that do not serve the purpose of a shock treatment. For the purpose of explanation, in this article, we will be referring to oxidizers that also work as shock treatments. 

Purpose of Oxidizers

Even if your hot tub water looks “clean”, you can bet that there are many invisible particles and pathogens lurking around in it.

From the bodily fluids and cosmetics that we trek into it to the dirt and debris that can be blown in by winds and storms, you will need to treat your hot tub water regularly to keep it safe from harmful pathogens. This is where an oxidizer comes in.

The purpose of oxidizers is to remove organic matter and oils from your hot tub water, breaking it down and allowing your sanitizer to work much more effectively.

If your sanitizer is constantly having to work through a wall of bacteria and germs, it will have to put in a lot more effort to do so. That is why you should always use an oxidizer in conjunction with your sanitizer.

Types of Oxidizers

There are a few different types of oxidizers you can use in hot tubs. They include:

  • Oxidizing chemicals: If you conduct regular shock treatments for your hot tub, you may already be oxidizing your pool, depending on the chemicals in the shock treatment you use.
  • Ozonators: Many hot tubs already have an ozonator installed or at the very least, come with the necessary piping necessary to add one. Ozonators work by releasing ozone gas into the water to create an oxidizing reaction.

Although there is an initial cost involved with purchasing an ozonator, there is little difference in price between the two methods listed above.

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