7 Simple Hot Tub Deck Ideas That Will Make Your Deck Pop in North Carolina

simple hot tub deck ideas - hot tub lowered into a deck with a gazebo and white curtains

A deck is a great, cost-effective foundation for your hot tub and can be elevated in several ways to create a backyard escape that can rival a luxury spa!

If you’ve been on the lookout for simple hot tub deck ideas, this article is for you.

It’s jam-packed with design ideas to help you discover easy ways to make your deck a showstopping entertainment space, even if you’re sticking to a budget.

Whether you want to create your own personal escape from the world as you soak up the hot tub benefits in peace or you thrive when hosting extravagant get-togethers, how you design your deck is key!

Should I Install My Hot Tub Above-Ground or Recess It?

If you’ve just purchased your new hot tub or are beginning to consider investing in one, there is one big decision you have to make before it arrives.

In-ground or above-ground?

Before you start adding the more delicate, personal touches to your backyard, it’s important to first decide how you want your hot tub installed on your deck.

Installing your hot tub above-ground and using your existing deck as a foundation is a common choice among hot tub owners. This makes installation easy and is cheaper than an in-ground installation would be.

If you choose to go with an above-ground install, your hot tub cabinet will be visible, so it’s important to ensure you select a cabinet color that you find appealing and would compliment your style.

For an in-ground installation, your hot tub will be recessed into your deck, making it fit seamlessly in line with it and giving your spa a high-end appeal.

This can be done by cutting a section out of your existing deck for your hot tub or by installing your hot tub beside your deck and extending it to wrap around the edges of your spa.

If you choose this installation, be sure to do your research beforehand to know what to expect and the steps you should take prior to making this decision.

7 Simple Hot Tub Deck Ideas

Once you’ve installed your hot tub, you can start adding the fine details to compliment it and make your backyard pop with vibrant colors and unique elements!

Here are our top seven simple hot tub deck ideas.

1. Install a Gazebo or Pergola

hot tub gazebo

Gazebos and pergolas can be great additions to your yard and are both visually appealing and functional.

Gazebos can have openings on any side or be entirely closed off from the outside world, giving you maximum control over the privacy of your spa. They usually have a solid roof, protecting your hot tub from rain and snow while also ensuring no one can see into your spa from any multistory homes nearby.

Gazebos make it possible to enjoy a quiet, peaceful soak as you listen to the rain falling outside or as you watch the snow pile up around your yard without ever getting in your water or interrupting your enjoyment!

Pergolas are similar to gazebos however they have a checkered-style wooden roof and are open on all sides.

You can easily elevate them by adding thin, flowing curtains that can be tied back or left blowing in the wind during your spa session. These curtains can give your deck a high-end resort feeling and can add extra privacy when left untied.

Adding a gazebo or pergola to your yard is also a great way to give it a polished, more filled-out look. If you have a big empty yard, a gazebo can help bring an element of elegance to your space and can even serve as a centerpiece.

2. Build Bar Seating Around Your Above-Ground Hot Tub

If you’ve opted for an above-ground hot tub, you can easily build a bar around the edges of it and add a flash of color with vibrant barstools.

This bar seating will give your guests somewhere to gather and will provide ample space for people to put their drinks down as they socialize. Additionally, this also gives you somewhere to store your water, towels, and other spa necessities while you’re relaxing under the warm water!

3. Add Plants and Shrubs

Plants can be a powerful addition to your deck, giving you vibrant pops of color while also providing ample mood-boosting benefits!

Adding some lush greenery around your hot tub can emulate a wild oasis, helping you truly let go of your daily stressors as you walk into your yard and feel like you’ve been transported away.

Plants also offer a great way to incorporate natural aromatherapy into your spa sessions, further enhancing the relaxation you feel during your evening soak. Plant some lavender or jasmine bushes around your hot tub, and you’ll have their gentle scent surrounding you anytime you’re on your deck!

By adding shrubs to your backyard, you can also increase its privacy. Consider planting these thick bushes around your deck or along your fence line, easily reducing the visibility into your yard from neighboring houses or sidewalks.

4. Install a Firepit and Seating

hot tubs and fire pits

Firepits are a great way to include some year-round enjoyment to your deck and can be a gorgeous statement piece.

Consider building a circular fireplace out of stone, giving your backyard a rustic appeal and making it a cozy place for your friends and family to enjoy. These fireplaces are great for people with kids, adding a fun aspect of entertainment as they roast marshmallows above the flames!

For something more modern, consider adding a propane firepit table. These items come in many shapes and sizes, giving you some customization of the aesthetic they’ll bring to your yard.
These are a great, safe way to enjoy a late-night fire on those summer nights without the worry of having to burn down the wood or extinguish the coals before ending the evening. Simply turn off the gas, and your fire will go out.

5. Get Comfy Outdoor Furniture

The furniture you include on your deck can have a powerful effect on your aesthetic and the overall feel of your space.

For a cozy atmosphere, consider wicker or wood furniture in a natural color and add lots of pillows and throw blankets. You can also include some decorative footstools that can double as extra seating if needed.

This can also include patio seating on your deck, making it easy to enjoy a meal outside with your loved ones.

With a variety of options, you could choose to go with a long, harvest table with bench seating or downsize and add a small cast-iron bistro set to make your morning coffees even better!

6. Incorporate Lighting

hot tub lights

How your yard is lit will help illuminate the aspects that matter most. Lighting can come in a variety of styles and can play a large part in your backyard aesthetic.

If you want to create a warm, romantic atmosphere, consider adding small fairy lights along the railings of your deck or on any decorative structures. To achieve this same result, you could add some metal lanterns with glass walls near your patio furniture or at the foot of your hot tub.

For a more natural aesthetic, you could add some tiki torches, giving you light and the enjoyable crackling sound of the fire as it gets blown by the wind.

You could even invest in some tall lamps to provide brighter light, as well as a bold style to your space. These lamps are often statement pieces on their own and can come in classic or modern styles to elevate your backyard in whichever way you desire.

7. Add A Trellis

Adding a trellis around your deck or hot tub is a great way to add some privacy to your space while also giving you an ideal decorative foundation for plants!

Consider adding climbing ivy, or small hanging plants to give your trellis a more full look with a pop of color.

For a cost-effective addition, order some faux hanging ivy and attach it to your trellis, making it an easy solution without the necessary upkeep of living plants!

Bonus Idea: Build Stairs or Add Levels to Your Deck

If you’re looking to add additional sections to your existing deck or are renovating your yard and building a brand new one, adding in some natural levels can be a showstopping way to add a significant dimension to your yard!

Consider having your hot tub on the lowest level and your dining and socializing area on the upper levels, so you can increase your hot tub’s privacy while also creating a unique aesthetic. This is also a great way to make the most of smaller yards, making them feel much larger than they are!

Additionally, you could build stairs around your hot tub, making it easy to get in and out while also creating the illusion that it’s an in-ground installation.

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