Improving My Hot Tub Appeal – 6 Best Decorating Ideas

When you purchase a hot tub, the thought of decorating it and improving your hot tub appeal never comes to mind since your objective is to dip into hot water and chill.

But after using it for a while, you’ll see it as nothing but a plain pool of hot water that only puts your mind and body at ease – which is not a bad thing, but is that all there is to it?

You need this feeling of excitement whenever you’re about to enter a hot tub – and decorating its surroundings with natural elements can make it look more appealing to give off a more tranquil vibe.

How To Improve Your Hot Tub Appeal – 6 Decorating Ideas

Here are our best 6 decorating ideas to improve your hot tub appeal today…

2020 Sundance Spas Hot Tubs Installation 111 - Improving Hot Tub Appeal


Before accessing the hot tub, you are walking towards it barefooted – the ground surface can be muddy and dusty, leaving your feet dirty, and the next thing you notice is that you dirtied the water after setting foot into it, which can be infuriating.

Building a deck around your hot tub solves this problem as you’re walking on a non-skid surface.

Moreover, it improves the appearance of the hot tub by making it look like an in-ground pool – and enables one to easily enter the water, instead of climbing over it.


Ever had the urge to go hiking in the mountains to find a rocky river to swim in?

Surrounding your hot tub with natural stones will give off a similar vibe. Wrap it around with some gravel, huge rocks, and soil to create a mountain spring setting.


If you love hanging out at beaches and want to bring that sensation home, then consider adding plants around your hot tub to get a tropical resort setting.

And for those who adore the spring season, then you can surround it with flowers – to (almost) recreate an image of a beautiful grassland filled with colorful flowers.


A quick and easy way to improve the visual impact of your hot tub is to surround it with furniture. A counter and stool arrangement is perfect to create a social atmosphere for gatherings of friends and family.

Tables will be used to place your towels, candles, food, and drinks. And the stools for people to sit on to dine and establish a conversation with the person next to them or with the ones in the water.

Integrating steps to the tub barrier is a necessity as it makes accessing the pool easier. And add in some potted plants to mix in a homely atmosphere.


There are times when you need to take a hot bath outdoors – but when you’re faced with unexpected weather conditions, it ruins the moment. You don’t want the water to get any hotter than it is from the summer heat.

Moreover, it’s unnecessary for the rain to fill an excessive amount of water – overpowering the water’s current temperature and cooling it down (if the heater is damaged, then repairs will be required).

What you need is a trouble-free hot tub experience.

Such instances can be overcome with Pergolas and Gazebos. They both provide shelter if the sun and rain cause a disturbance not just for you, but also for your hot tub. And they can be custom-built to the height and style of your choosing.

Use Your Imagination

Everything lies on your preference; you have the option to create a combination of all the above or use one of them to significantly improve your hot tub appeal.

Or maybe you are brimming with better ideas based on your hobbies and interests – and applying them towards your hot tub’s customization.

As long as the improved visual gets you excited whenever you use a hot tub – then that’s all it matters.

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