Mid-Summer Swimming Pool Care

Nothing beats the pleasure of taking a dip in your pool during the summer season. However, the hot weather can also have a damaging effect on your pool. The high temperature can make your pool a perfect breeding ground for algae, bacteria, and other organisms.

Within no time, a sparkling blue pool can turn cloudy, and if action isn’t taken, you may soon be staring at an unattractive pool that is a health hazard. Here’s how to keep your backyard oasis sparkling, blue, and safe during the summer.

Get your Pool Inspected

Before summer kicks in, you should have the swimming pool inspected. The same procedure should be repeated midway through the summer. One area that should be given close attention is your filter. It needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent your pool from becoming murky or discolored. Other areas that should be inspected and cleaned include the skimmer box and skimmer basket.

Keep Up with Weekly Maintenance

With so many things in your summer bucket list, it’s easy to forget that you have a pool to take care of. Yet, forgetting to perform regular maintenance can cause your pool to develop long-term problems that can be expensive to correct. Make sure you clean your pool by brushing the walls, tiles, and deck area, and skimming the surface to remove dirt and debris. You can also use a hand or automatic vacuum to get rid of any debris lying at the bottom of your pool.

Check the Chemical Levels Every Week

To give your pool the lustrous blue it deserves and give its chlorine an added boost, check its chemical levels every week. Make sure the pH levels fall between 7.2 and 7.6. If they are lower or more than that, you will need soda ash to notch up the levels or muriatic ash to bring them down. Also, check the total alkalinity and calcium hardness. Make sure all chemicals are used as specified.

Closing Thoughts

To keep your pool in perfect condition throughout the summer, it’s best you partner with a professional pool technician. AquaVision Pool & Spa are qualified and experienced pool care professionals who can help you in everything from chemical balancing to equipment repair and installation. To schedule a pool maintenance service, feel free to contact AquaVision Pool and Spa today!

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